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Hot Products

PET recycling line,PET recycling line manufacturer
PET recycling line

PET bottle recycling pelletizing production line
MSW recycling system,MSW recycling system manufacturer
MSW recycling system

This line is mainly to handle municipal life garbage. It can completely separate different components from waste and create the good condition for processing the down-stream products.
PP/PE recycling line,PP/PE recycling line manufacturer
PP/PE recycling line

PP/PE recycling pelletizing production line Production capacity: 500-2000kg/h, you can choose the capacity according to your requirements.
Waste water treatment system,Waste water treatment system manufacturer
Waste water treatment system

Waste water treatment system is mainly used in plastic recycling line for example, PET HDPE bottle crushing washing drying machine, PE PP LDPE LLDPE HDPE film crushing washing drying pelletizing machine.


ASG Earth Environment Protection Science and Technology CO., a professional enterprise which is integrated with R&D,production and sales of waste processing equipment.We have been engaged in city refuse disposal area for 10 years and have more than thirty production lines in USA,Japan,South-east Asia,the Middie East and the other regions. The company has a international standard plant of an area of 30,000 square meters,and also has the mating processing base and advanced workshop of assembling production line.

Over the years,we always commit ourselves to research and produce for the MSW treatment equipment,and provide the complete refuse sorting and recycling programs to our customers.Its chief principle is to design and manufacture products including plastic recycling , PET bottle recycling ,PP/PE recycling ,Plastic crusher,Municipal Solid Waste Sorting and Stand-alone equipment.


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